Note that the online file unsquish only works with TI-83 Plus assembly files, this means the extension of the file is ".8xp" (case insensitve).

  1. Get the *.8xp asm file and unsquish it here. Keep the result handy either keeping the page open, saving it or printing.
  2. Create a new program in the calculator, just like a new TI-BASIC program.
  3. Start by typing the AsmPrgm token. (you can find in the Catalog [2nd] [0]) Next type all the letters and numbers (this is the hexadecimal code) into the program you created without any new lines.
  4. (optional) You can re-compile the assembly program on calculator. This reduces the program size to half by squishing it. The needed steps follow:
    1. Go to the Homescreen. Go to the Catalog and choose AsmComp from there.
    2. Pick the program name corresponding to the one you just typed from the PRGM menu program. After that add a comma and the "prgm" token from Catalog ([2nd] [0] and [ALPHA] [P] to get faster). After the prgm token write a name not occupied by another program.
    3. Press [Enter]. The program will be compiled and created.
    4. Having the same two programs is wasting memory. So delete the non compiled.
  5. That is it. To run the program just type on homescreen on in a program "Asm(prgmNAME)" where NAME is the name of the assembly program you typed before and Asm( a token found in Catalog.

There is this screen shooting that demonstrates the essential steps:

calc screen shoot showing the steps

And another with the re-compiling steps:

calc screen shoot with re-compiling steps